Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Weird looking but gentle natured

My son and I went into Sheep River Provincial Park. It's   half hour west of Calgary Alberta also part of    the Canadian Rockies and saw this weird looking Bull. I thought he was deformed from birth but talking to some hunting guides, their conclusion is that he froze his nose and ears.  Although he looks strange, he seems to have a quiet disposition and gentle eyes as I got some video footage as well.   The park is also a Wildlife Sanctuary & provides year-round habitat for bighorn sheep.
Over 4,000 square kilometres of foothills and mountains to explore.  Sanctuary & provides year-

This region offers something for every enthusiast who enjoys outdoor activities. Many people from around the world come to enjoy the scenic views and wildland recreation- A Great place to renew one's spirit and reconnect with the wilderness.

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